Professor Xin Zhou Get the Honor of "Wise and Talented Alumni back to Wuhan"

time:   2017-05-26     hits:1417

On May 26, the conference of “the Alumni Association of Universities in Wuhan” was held. Xin Zhou from Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics (WIPM) and 33 alumni from Wuhan were awarded the "Wise and Talented Alumni back to Wuhan". The deputy secretary of Hubei Provincial Committee, Wuhan municipal Party committee secretary, Yixin Chen, conferred the certificates on the outstanding alumni representatives. The mayor of Wuhan, Yong Wan, attended and chaired the meeting.

The universities in Wuhan have trained more than 3 million outstanding talents for China. During this period, a large number of industrial leaders have emerged, as the backbone in all walks of life. In order to inspire the alumni in Wuhan to play a prominent role in introducing the talents and investment, Wuhan Municipal Government began to implement “Million Wise and Talented Alumni back to Wuhan Project " in 2017. A lot of alumni responded positively, and made efforts to promote the “capital back to the Wuhan, talents back to the Wuhan”, which made important contributions to further enhancing core competitiveness of Wuhan. For rewarding their outstanding achievements in their fields, 34 alumni in Wuhan were awarded the "Wise and Talented Alumni back to Wuhan".

In the Conference, Wuhan Municipal and Wuhan Municipal Government awarded 34 alumni the first title of "Wise and Talented Alumni back to Wuhan". Xin Zhou is the alumni graduated from the education information technology college in our school in 1995. Now he is the deputy director and the member of the party committee in WIPM. Xin Zhou delivered a lecture as the representative.

Xin Zhou pointed out that innovation is the most important power of the development. Promoting the innovation is just stimulating the development, and seeking the innovation is just creating the future. The policy of introducing the wise and talents is a important leverage to attract and develop the talents and realize their value, which is the vital method to implement the innovation-driven strategy and accelerate transformation and upgrading of the economic. As leading scientific research personnel, scientific research which should "brace the sky and root into the ground" needs to be done. "Brace the Sky" is searching the forefront of world science and technology, which is committed to the future development. And "root into the ground" is to meet the national strategic demand and win the strategic initiative. Meanwhile, "enriching the people" should also be achieved. We must take charge of the main battlefield of economic development and create more wealth for Chinese people.