New Technology Improves Detection of Lung Disease

After five years of research, group lead by Professor Xin Zhou at the Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences obtained several clear images of human lungs displaying gas exchange functions - a vital indication of lung health - the first such images obtained in China.

Ultrasensitive Magnetic Resonance Research Group

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About the Lab

Our research program involves:

1.Research and development of hyperpolarized instrument, i.e., polarizers, which are used to boost the NMR sensitivity for the applications in medical imaging and chemical analysis.

2.Development of methodology and techniques of lung MRI.

3.Investigation of novel methods for ultrasensitive molecular sensors and molecular imaging.

4. Atomic magnetometer and laser-detected NMR.

About Group Members

    Our group has four professors, seven associate professors, one research finance assistant, six postdoctors.