Professor Jeff W. M. Bulte of Johns Hopkins University visit WIPM

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In July 27, 2017,The 21th Tianjuan Spectrum Forum of Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics (WIPM) was held on the lecture hall on the first floor of frequency standards building.The guest speaker is Professor Jeff W. M. Bulte from Johns Hopkins Departments of Medicine,and gave us an academic report entitled "19F MRI Cell Tracking using Fluorinated polymers" Prof. Chun Tang , director of the Key Laboratory of Chinese Academy of Sciences presided over the forum.Director Maili Liu presented Professor Bulte with the letter of appointment and nameplate of "Tianjuan Spectrum Forum Chair Professor".

Dr. Bulte serves as the Director of Cellular Imaging at the Johns Hopkins Institute for Cell Engineering.He specializes in molecular and cellular imaging.He received his undergraduate degree in biology and a master''s in medical biology from the Free University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. He earned his Ph.D. in medicine summa cum laude from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands in 1991. Subsequently spent 10 years with the National Institutes of Health, first as a postdoctoral fellow and then a staff scientist in the Laboratory of Diagnostic Radiology Research. Dr. Bulte joined the Johns Hopkins faculty as an Assistant Professor in 2001, became an Associate Professor in 2002, and a Professor in 2006. He is a Fellow and Gold Medal awardee of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, a Distinguished Investigator of the Academy of Radiology Research, and has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles and 40 book chapters.

In the report, Dr. Bulte expounded the advantages of 19F MRI in molecular imaging firstly, and introduced the development and application of MRI cell tracking in clinical.In addition,Dr. Bulte introduced the research of his group,mainly about In Vivo 19F MR Imaging Cell Tracking.And their lab has examined MRI cell tracking in animal models of dysmyelination, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, spinal cord, stroke, and diabetes.

Professor Maili Liu,Xin Zhou,ChunTang, and other teachers and students participated in this report. There was an active discussion between them and Dr. Bulte at the end of the report.Professor Bulte has conducted academic exchanges with the relevant research group and visited the laboratory. He spoke highly of the experimental platform and the latest innovative work in WIPM. Professor Bulte's visit has a great significance for the relevant research group to expand research content,accurate grasp of the relevant areas of research frontier, and promote the cooperation with the international top scientific research team.