ZHOULAB's group activities in Mulan Mountain

time:   2016-11-05     hits:954

In November, the weather of Wuhan is a little chill, but could not withstand the enthusiasm of the member of Ultrasensitive Magnetic Resonance Research Group. At the end of the autumn, we traveled to the Mulan Mountain, which is a famous scenic spot in Wuhan, for a close-to-nature and enjoyable climbing tour.

It is a rare good weather on November 5. After a 3-hour journey, we reached the foot of Mulan Mountain. We are passionate and excited seeing the Mulan Mountain. Let us go! Along the way, we were making fun of each other. Teachers and students were chatting happily, making the boring journey of climbing becoming a joyful tour.

In the Mulan Mountain, we visited the wind tunnel, where the Red Army faced many difficulties but never give up. The spirit that they do not abandon everyone is worth learning. We also felt the Mulan Mountain unique culture of both Buddhist and Taoism. On the top of the Mountain, we look around, proud of our success.

The purpose of this autumn tour is to release the pressure of working and studying. Moreover, the tour give chances for new members to be familiar with each group member. During the journey we help each other and share happiness with each other. Happiness is the best mark of this autumn tour!