Professor Kelong Fan from the Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences visited APM

time:   2023-12-19 10:05    hits:1877

      On December 19, 2023, Professor Kelong Fan was invited by the Ultrasensitive Magnetic Resonance Research Group to give an academic report entitled "Structure-activity relationship and biomedical applications of nanoenzymes" in the conference room on the 18th floor of the Spectrum Building. The report was chaired by Professor Shenzhen Chen.

    Professor Fan's main research interests are the development and biomedical application of nanoenzymes. Based on the structure and function of nanoenzymes, by analyzing the active centers and catalytic microenvironment of natural enzymes, the rational design and activity optimization of iron-based nanoenzymes and single-atom nanoenzymes were achieved through biomimetic synthesis, and the structure-activity relationship of nanoenzymes was proposed. Representative works have been published in the Journal of Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, PNAS, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.

      In the report, Professor Fan explained the development history, basic principles, and biomedical applications of nanoenzymes. Based on the team's recent scientific research achievements and related experimental content, Professor Fan has provided a detailed introduction to the structure-activity relationship, biomimetic optimization, and applications of nanoenzymes in the biomedical field. In addition, based on long-term research on nanoenzymes, future research opportunities and challenges for nanoenzymes have been proposed.

      After the presentation, Professor Fan had in-depth exchanges with teachers and students of the Ultrasensitive Magnetic Resonance Research Group, deepening the understanding of the structure-activity relationship of nanoenzymes and their future biomedical applications.