Professor Dieter Suter from the Technical University of Dortmund visited APM

time:   2023-12-08 15:38    hits:2374

    On December 8, 2023, the Innovation Academy for Precision Measurement Science and Technology (APM) of Chinese Academy of Sciences held the 60th lecture in the "Session of Wang T.C. Lecture". Professor Dieter Suter was invited and gave a lecture entitled "Hybrid spin quantum registers in wide-bandgap semiconductors". The lecture was chaired by Dean Prof. Xin Zhou, who also presented Prof. Suter with the appointment letter and nameplate of the "Wang T C Forum Professorship".

    Dieter Suter is a C4 professor at the Technical University of Dortmund. In 1985, he obtained his doctoral degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, supervised by Nobel laureate Richard R. Ernst. He has remarkable contributions in the field of nuclear magnetic resonance, dynamic decoupling, quantum error correction, quantum storage.

    In the lecture, Prof. Suter exemplified the fundamental principles of quantum technology using NV centers, highlighting that the current manipulable quantum systems at room temperature are primarily based on defect states in wide-bandgap semiconductor materials. Through precise control and optimization of these systems, significant advancements can be achieved, expanding their applications in the fields of quantum sensing and quantum information.

    After the lecture, Prof. Suter visited the Atomic Magnetometer Laboratory, the Zero to Ultra-Low Field NMR Laboratory, and engaged in discussions with the audience. During his visit, Prof. Suter also did a lab tour to the 3T and 9.4T MRI laboratories.