Professor Yao He from Soochow University visited APM

time:   2023-12-11 15:30    hits:2340

    On December 11, 2023, Professor Yao He from Soochow University was invited to visit the Institute of Precision Measurement Science and Technology Innovation (APM) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) to have an academic exchange and discussion with the teachers of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Research Department, and to give an academic report to the students.

    From 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., an academic report titled "Long-term Biomedical Imaging and Precise Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Diseases" was held in the conference room on the 18th floor of Building M. Dean Zhou Xin presided over the report, academician Maili Liu and the teachers and students of our institute were active participants in the meeting. Fluorescent probes are usually photobleached, resulting in a shorter luminescence time. The development of low-toxicity and optically stable fluorescent probes for long-term imaging can be a great advance from "seeing" and "looking carefully" to "seeing the process", providing a powerful tool for cytopathy, lesion metastasis and disease occurrence. By developing novel silicon-based quantum dots and coupling bioactive molecules, Prof. Yao He has achieved cell-specific detection and long-term recording of cellular changes. In his report, he shared his latest research results in the treatment of viral eye diseases, which was applauded by the participants.

    After the report, Professor Yao He visited the 1.5T and 9.4T MRI and laboratory, and had an in-depth exchange with the teachers and students of our school, which laid a good foundation for further cooperation between the two sides.