2021 ZhouLab autumn tour chronicle

time:   2021-11-22 00:00    hits:8346

In the autumn, teachers and students in zhoulab met at Lianghu Farm. We temporarily forgot the busy work, devoted myself to the game.

At 10 o'clock, teachers and students arrived at Lianghu Farm by bus. The first activity was two team building games. The students laughed one after another, and it was full of joy. The second activity was the CS in real life. After a short distance, we arrived at the CS battlefield on the edge of the forest. The students and teachers were randomly divided into two groups. About an hour later, the live-action cs was over, and the two-hour buffet barbecue began. After the buffet barbecue, we started the cruise activity. Everyone gathered in groups and sat in a small boat to enjoy the scenery of the small lake. Some students reproduced the "Iron Cable Linked Boat", and some students had a "tail collision". The last activity was mountain off-road bike riding, which is the most anticipated activity. We all teamed up in pairs and traversed depressions, mud pits and warrior slopes, which was tense and exciting to look back on.

It was evening when we boarded the bus again, and with the sun setting, we embarked on our return journey.