ZhouLab 2021 Spring Tour Summary

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The clouds are sending spring flowers to the city, and the day is getting cold in spring. On April 24, the teachers and students of Zhoulab arrived at the party venue, relaxing and taking a break from their busy research lives, eating snacks, playing various games, competing in pool and singing.

When it was almost dinner time, everyone started to prepare the hot pot and worked together to set up the restaurant, and the ingredients were ready in no time. After finishing his busy work, Professor Xin Zhou also came to the party hall to have dinner . "Green ants and new spirits of wine, red mud and small fireplace." The spring house was full of joyful atmosphere, and we took pictures together to record the wonderful moment!

The steaming hot pot started to be cooked in a short time, and everyone enjoyed the food around the table while chattering and gossiping, and laughter resonated in the house. A sumptuous and enjoyable dinner, accompanied by the sound of laughter, came to an end in a short while.

After dinner, we started to sing together with great enthusiasm. Professor Zhou sang "Kiss Goodbye" by Jacky Cheung, and we couldn't help but hum this familiar music from the 1990s. The joyful atmosphere between students and faculty members brought a little comfort to our stressful research life and made us more devoted to study and work in the coming time.

As it was getting late, we all embarked on the return journey, ending a pleasant day of spring excursion.

New Technology Improves Detection of Lung Disease

After five years of research, group lead by Professor Xin Zhou at the Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences obtained several clear images of human lungs displaying gas exchange functions - a vital indication of lung health - the first such images obtained in China.

Typical Achievement of "Facing People's Life and Health" - Hyperpolarized Gas MRI

To carry out the aim of General Secretary Xi "facing people's life and health", group lead by Professor Xin Zhou has made breakthrough in the field of hyperpolarized gas MRI, and made contributions to the development of MR technology in China.

Introduction of Hyperpolarized Gas MRI