2019 ZhouLab autumn tour chronicle

time:   2019-11-16 00:00    hits:5768

The weather in Wuhan is getting colder and colder. But fortunately, on November 16, it is a sunny day which is so precious time during this period. In this rare good day, everyone in Zhoulab put down their work and gather in Space Y in the morning to enjoy this autumn trip. At 10 am, we have arrived at Space Y, and then enter the store for experience and entertainment.

Space Y consists of two floors, with spacious Space and complete entertainment facilities. Everyone can start their own entertainment experience according to their own preferences. In the course, we experience all kinds of ball games; In the VR hall, everyone felt the wonder of virtual technology. KTV box, we belt out a song and praise youth; In board game room, everyone experience the thrilling and exciting of werewolf kill.

An hour later, everyone goes to the Japanese hotpot restaurant for lunch. We have Chinese hotpot a lot, but rarely eat the Japanese’s. During it, we have felt the exotic customs. After the meal, everyone goes back to Space Y and continues to experience various projects.

Unconsciously, it is too late when we realize it is already 10 pm. So we leave Space Y, ending this happy journey of the day.