Professor Xin Zhou won the first “Scientific Exploration Award”

time:   2019-09-22 00:00    hits:6617

On September 20th, the “Scientific Exploration Award” winners were officially announced. Xin Zhou, the deputy director of the Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics (WIPM), was nominated and eventually became one of the 50 winners. The award-winning field was “Advanced Manufacturing”.

Since returning to China in 2009, Xin Zhou has started from a single person and gradually established the “Ultrasensitive Magnetic Resonance Research Group”. Under the joint support of the Fund Committee, the Academy of Sciences, Hubei Province and the Institute, after 10 years of hard work, he successfully developed the world's highest reinforcement multiple instrument. The human lung gas magnetic resonance (MRI) instrument can quantitatively and visually evaluate the lung tissue structure and gas exchange function without radiation and non-invasion, successfully "lighting up" the lungs, and solving the traditional clearly MRI imaged problem to the lungs. Compared with traditional chest and CT, it can not only obtain lung structure information without ionizing radiation, but also obtain early functional lesion information that cannot be obtained by traditional imaging equipment, and provide innovative scientific instrument for research and diagnosis of major lung diseases.

On September 2, Xin Zhou also participated the National 25th Anniversary Work Symposium as an outstanding representative of the National Science Foundation ("National Outstanding Youth "), which was convened by the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the Premier of the State Council Keqiang Li. His research results "Human Lung Gas Magnetic Resonance Imaging System" was exhibited in Zhongnanhai as one of the 12 achievements of the National Youth League and was reviewed by Premier Keqiang Li and Vice Premier Chunlan Sun. Vice Premier He Liu, Vice Chairman of the National People's Congress Zhongli Ding, and other national leaders.