ZHOULAB’s Trip to Han Show

time:   2019-04-26 00:00    hits:6835

It’s not so hot in the end of April in Wuhan, especially at dusk. The wind blew, making us feel cool. At 19:00 in April 26th, 36 members in Zhoulab gathered at the entrance of the Han Show theatre, waiting to enjoy a beautiful and exciting show.

Han Show combines Chinese and western ways to make a new performance of entertainment culture. It inherits the essence of Chinese traditional culture and takes advantage of the global popular culture. It contains music, dance, acrobatics, diving and many other forms. The whole theatre uses the sound, light, electricity and movable seats to exhibit a very dramatic show.

After entering the theatre, we found our seats one by one and stayed excited. The show began at 19:30. It contained four acts: Magical Journey, Red and Black, Gone with the Wind, Love and Peace. In this show, we saw a dry-wet-changing stage, an 8.7m artificial pool and various performances by the staff. We felt the power of technology and the passion of performers. We also witnessed a rare 27.5m diving. While enjoying it, we pay the highest homage to the staff.

After the performance, we were still talking about the show cheerfully.