ZHOULAB’s Trip to Happy Valley

time:   2018-11-09 00:00    hits:6102

Although it is always rainy in November in Wuhan, November 4th is a rare fine day. In this day, we put down our busy work and gathered in Wuhan Happy Valley to enjoy this autumn tour. In the 9 a.m, the students and teachers continued to arrive at the entrance of Happy Valley and entered Happy Valley to enjoy a happy day.

Some students who are brave enough first rushed to the most exciting project in Happy Valley - Extreme speed roller coaster, and those who like the gentle project went to experience 4D, 5D and 7D movies. Moreover, some romantic students preferred the Skylon Tower. Since there were not too many people in the morning, it seemed that the entire Happy Valley was contracted by us. Every time we went to a project, we could always meet other members of our group, and exchange feelings and suggestions of different projects.

When it came to the night, and Happy Valley’s Halloween night was just beginning. We experienced a bloody feast, a dead body, a fifth personality, and so on. The sun drifted westward quickly, and the time passed quietly. At 9 p.m, we caught the last bus and said goodbye to the happy day.

During this autumn tour, we relaxed ourselves and released our energy in the entertainment facility. Moreover, this autumn tour has promoted the understanding between each member of the group and cemented our friendship. The Happy Valley autumn tour has provided a beautiful and precious memory for us in 2018.