Governor of Hubei province Xiaodong Wang investigated ultrasensitive magnetic resonance research group in WIPM

time:   2018-06-13 00:00    hits:5353

On June 13, Xiaodong Wang, Deputy Secretary of the Hubei Provincial CPC Committee and Governor of Wuhan Province, investigated gas magnetic resonance imaging of human lung laboratory of the Ultrasensitive Magnetic Resonance Research Group in Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics (WIPM). Vice Governor of Hubei Province Anli Chen, Deputy Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Committee Xianwang Zhou, Secretary of the Provincial Government Bixiong Bie, and leaders of Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Department of Education, Science and Technology Department, Provincial Government Research Office and other provincial organs participated in the survey and symposium. Academician Chaohui Ye, Party Secretary of the Wuhan Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Haibo Li, and Director of the WIPM Maili Liu, accompanied.

Xiaodong Wang, the governor of Hubei province, listened in detail to Xin Zhou’s introduction to the clinical application and industrialization of the development process of the human lung MRI system, confirmed that the industrialization of the project has been landing in Wuhan and praised the project as a typical case of transfer of scientific and technological achievements in our province.

At the subsequent provincial scientific and technological innovation work conference, Academician Chaohui Ye spoke as a member of the academicians. Academician Ye suggested to the provincial party committee and provincial government that Hubei must play a good "combination boxing" that build a comprehensive national science center. First, we should do a good job of national laboratories training, giving full play to the existing advantages in particularly; second, that we should strive for the deployment of more major science and technology infrastructure in Hubei, and at the same time accelerate the construction of existing facilities; third, we should cultivate major science and technology projects; forth, we need to further highlight the advantages of science and education and talents of Hubei; Fifth, joint large-scale well-known enterprises, promote the construction of the Institute of Industrial technology, and carry out more goals and market-oriented scientific research.

Governor Xiaodong Wang carefully listened to opinions and suggestions from representatives of academicians and experts and thanked everyone for their insights. He emphasized that high-quality science and technology supply must be used to promote high-quality development, strive for major scientific plans, major science projects, and major science centers to expand Hubei, accelerate the construction of major platforms, major projects, and important parks, and fully integrate resources and strengths in all aspects, strive to provide high-quality science and technology supply and support the construction of a modern economic system. We must deepen reforms to stimulate the vitality of scientific and technological innovation, establish market-oriented scientific and technological innovation mechanisms, reform scientific research funding and management methods, innovate talent evaluation mechanisms, and establish new mechanisms for cooperation between production, education and research to accelerate the transformation and application of technological innovation achievements. We must create a sound environment for scientific and technological innovation, improve the scientific literacy of leading cadres, create a policy environment that respects knowledge, respects talented people, and respects creativity, humanistic environment, and the rule of law, inspire talents to create innovation, create vitality, and cultivate new momentum for development.