President of Chinese Academy of Sciences Chunli Bai visited WIPM

time:   2017-11-14 00:00    hits:5906

On the afternoon of November 14, Chunli Bai, the president and party secretary of the Chinese Academy of Science, investigated the Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics (WIPM). Deputy Secretary-General Keqiang Wang, secretary of Science and Technology Development Bureau Yan Qing, deputy director Ming Sun and deputy director Congli Huang of the General Office attended the survey.

President Chunli Bai and his party inspected the MRI experimental platform and the human lung MRI laboratory.They talked cordially with the researchers and also asked about the progress of the project, the application of achievements and the industrialization in detail.

At the research symposium, director Maili Liu briefed President Bai Chunli and his party on the basic situation of the institute and on the progress made in the preparation and construction of the Institute of Precision Measurement Technology and Innovation, with emphasis on the progress of the implementation of the "One Three Five" Plan of the WIPM and the main achievements, and proposed the next development proposal.

President Chunli Bai listened attentively to the report and fully affirmed the achievements of the Institute in recent years. He pointed out that the WIPM implemented  the "one third five" plan around the "three-oriented", and it is very representative. No matter on the atomic clock for major needs of the country, facing the cutting-edge technology of spectroscopy and precision measurement of physical research , and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer study toward the main battlefield for the national economy, is very distinctive and displayed well..

President Chunli Bai agrees with the proposal to build a first-class research platform, enlarge and strengthen the existing fields and disciplines, build cross-regional  cooperation networks, and build a talent highland. He stressed that the establishment of precision measurement science and Technology Innovation Research Institute is an important decision of the Party group and it is a good opportunity for the development of this two institutes. He hopes both of the two institutes should discuss and extract out the development goals, refine the implementation of the program, focus on key areas and direction, in accordance with the operation mode of National Laboratory, break the walls and the obstacles inside and outside the academy and institute, and integrate the domestic advantageous powers to carry the banner of precision measurement.

The secretary of Wuhan Branch, Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhiming Yuan, director of the Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics Maili Liu, deputy director Xin Zhou accompanied Chunli Bai to carry out this investigation.