A Memorable Trip for ZHOULAB

time:   2017-11-12 00:00    hits:5177

On the edge of East Lake and on the bank of the Yangtze River, the autumn sky is clear and the air is crisp. November 12th, it’s a happy gathering, new understanding of each other and memorable day. On this day, all members of ZHOULAB put aside their work, walked out of the laboratory, came to a good place to relax and relieve stress-the Show Honey Home Party, where a perfect day started.

It’s only seven or eight kilometers far away from Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics to the destination, so we chose a green and convenient way to travel by bus. Along the way, we laughed, talked, and discussed the scenery outside the window and the colleges passing by. It seemed that the fatigue of a few months of work had been scattered with the autumn wind.

When we arrived, we saw a villa, named the Show Honey Home Party, with spacious interior space, all kinds of facilities and clean and generous decoration style. Two hours later, everyone gathered together to start our lunch - buffet hot pot. The reason why choose hot pot, pot culture because we like ourselves. The hot pot is a melting pot that can hold all kinds of ingredients. And the group of ZHOULAB is like a hot pot. People from different professions in different cities learn from each other, grow together, and make progress together.

Happy time is always short, and we had to return back. At 17 o'clock we took the same route back by bus and ate dinner together to end this wonderful one-day trip.