Vice president of Chinese Academy of Sciences Jie Zhang visit WIPM

time:   2017-10-09 00:00    hits:6242

On October 9th, Jie Zhang, the vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, went to the Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics (WIPM) to carry out the special research on the spirit of "seize the opportunity, deepen the reform and speed up the implementation of the 'first action plan". Director of the International Cooperation Jinghua Cao, etc. also participate in research.

Jie Zhang visit the magnetic resonance center, the human lung MRI device, magnetic resonance research platform and molecular experimental platform. In the field study, Jie Zhang opened a cordial conversation with scientific research staff.

Vice President Jie Zhang highly appreciated the innovations and vigorous developments of WIPM, and spoke highly of the efforts made by the WIPM in the new era. Chinese Academy of Sciences is the strategic and scientific and technological strength that the party and the state always trust, and is the stage for people to make contributions to the country and the nation . He hope that WIPM seize the development opportunity and continue to promote the construction of the discipline, platform and talent team, sticking to the innovation-driven development strategy.

On the way of inspection, Vice President Jie Zhang also visited the statue of Mr. Tianjuan Wang in Tianjuan park. Jie Zhang is student of Mr. Tianjuan Wang. He recalled the Mr. Tianjuan Wang’s special experience of breaking through obstruction for coming back to China. He pointed out that Mr. Tianjuan Wang’s firm communist faith is worth learning by the younger generation.

Main leaders of WIPM and academician Chaohui Ye participated in the visitation.