ZHOULAB’s Trip to Liangzi Lake

time:   2017-04-19 00:00    hits:5292

Although Wuhan is rainy recently, it cannot weaken the enthusiasm of ZHOULAB members for the spring tour. On April 15, it was lucky for us to enjoy a sunny day in Liangzi Lake together.

We arrived at the destination—Liangzi Lake after a two-hour drive. Despite of heavy traffic and crowded people, we could smell the spring in the air. Standing in the golden sand beach, we enjoyed the clear sky and sparkling lake, all of which immersed us in the excellent scenery. Then we had a barbecue for lunch. During the barbecue, we were just like a big family, sharing the work and helping each other. Everyone enjoyed the pleasure of cooking and eating. In the afternoon, we organized a game of beach volleyball. From three-on-three to four-on four, more and more members joined in this game. The golden sand beach was filled with our cheerful laugh.

In this one-day trip, our group enjoyed the smell of spring and freed ourselves. Combining work with relaxation improves the quality of our life effectively. In ZHOULAB which contains more than forty members, the research direction of everyone differs greatly. Therefore, it is important for group members to communicate and understand the mind of each other. This spring trip makes the relationship among us more promoted and leaves us a happy memory in this April.