Professor Xin Zhou won the 2016 Chinese Academy of Sciences Young Scientist Award

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In January 5, the Chinese Academy of Sciences work conference was held in Beijing. In the ceremony, the Chinese Academy of Sciences president, party secretary Chunli Bai and deputy party secretary, vice president Weiping Liu awarded 9 people the 2016 Annual Chinese Academy of Sciences Young Scientist Award grandly. Professor Xin Zhou was one of them.

Professor Zhou has been engaged in ultrasensitive magnetic resonance imaging research. He set up laboratories and teams when he returned to his country in 2009, and led his team develop a gas magnetic resonance imaging instruments for study of major human lung disease. In 2015, the laboratories got the first hyperpolarized 129Xe human lung magnetic resonance imaging in China and "light up" the human lungs. The result was selected as "the ten great events about science and technology of Hubei Provence in 2015 ". The authorized invention patent of "a permanent magnet polarizer" won the 2016 "Eighteenth China Patent Award". Since his returning to China, professor Zhou has been granted nearly 30 invention patents and published more than 30 papers in the magnetic resonance international professional journals like MRM, AC. He has also received a lot of honors such as the "National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scientists", the National Committee of the Fund major scientific research equipment development (ministry recommended) Chief Scientist and so on.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences Young Scientist Award is an important part of the "Chinese Academy of Sciences' talent introduction system project". Each year, it selects 10 scientists under 40 years old. It is mainly award the outstanding young scientific and technological talent who make scientific and technological innovation or important contributions. And it can form harmonious environment to encourage innovation and endeavor in CAS.