Professor Dong Sheng of USTC Visit WIPM

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In October 9, 2016, the 16th Tianjuan Wang youth forum of spectrum was held in WIPM. Professor Xin Zhou invited Professor Dong Sheng as speaker of the forum.

Professor Dong Sheng received his bachelor degree in University of Science & Technology China in 2004, he received his Master degree in University of Maryland in 2008 and Doctor degree in University of Maryland in 2011. He did his postdoctoral work in Princeton University during 06/2011-07/2014, and his research direction was the atomic magnetometer and atomic comagnetometer. He worked at University of Colorado and the atomic device group of National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA during 08/2014-08/2016, and his research direction was chip scale atomic magnetometer. In August 2016, he returned to China and now works in University of Science & Technology China, his research direction is atomic devices and precision measurement. Professor Dong Sheng has published many papers in top journals such as Physical Review Letters.

Professor Dong Sheng made a report entitled "gaseous atomic magnetometer and comagnetometer". The gaseous atomic magnetometer measures the magnetic field using the Larmor precession of the atomic spin, the direction of its development is sensitivity and miniaturization. Professor Dong Sheng introduced his work in subfemtotesla scalar magnetometer and miniaturization of atomic magnetometer. The integrated nuclear spin magnetometer based on magnetometer is a powerful tool for precision measurement, but it requires analysis of system error carefully. At last, Professor Dong Sheng discussed his work in the 3He-129Xe system and his plan about Xe gas isotope system.

At the end of the report, the students asked questions actively. Professor Sheng Dong answered questions patiently and comprehensively, the students received a lot.