Relying on platform, researching for application

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Author: Maili Liu, Xin Zhou

The development of NMR technique can be outlined through the 5 Nobel prizes awarded for NMR related research.

Relationship between NMR andthe Nobel prize

1940s-1950s is the discovery and realization time of NMR phenomenon.In 1944, Austrian American scientist Rabi won Nobel prize for first observation of NMR; NMR in bulk materials was first reported by Bloch at Stanford and by Purcell at Harvard, who shared the Nobel prize in physics in 1952.

1960s-1980s is the golden age of NMR. During this time, the NMR theory, instrument, technic and method developed in an all-around way. Application in Chemistry and Biology contributed a lot for NMR development. Swiss scientist Ernst won Nobel prize in chemistry in 1991 for his contribution on NMR methodology. Also the MRI technic emerged and rapidly developed as a significant noninvasive research method for in-vivo spectroscopy and imaging. It significantly influenced the brain science and clinical medicine.

1990s, the application field of NMR spectroscopy further expanded, from small organic molecules to large bio-macromolecular's three dimensional structure, interaction and dynamics etc. In 2002, Swiss scientist Wuthrich won Nobel prize for his development of three-dimensional structure of biological macromolecules in solution.American scientist Lauterbur and British physicist Mansfield shared Nobel prize in physiology or medicine for their discoveries regarding MRI.

These five Nobel prizes represent the landmark development in physics, chemical and biological sciences. They are also confirms for NMR and scientists who make their efforts on NMR research. Especially, NMR spectroscopy and imaging are still in rapid development, with greater challenges.

Advantages of NMR technic

The most important character of NMR spectroscopy is noninvasive imaging and high time and space resolution. NMR is one of the most popular test methods in Cytostructure, another is X-rD. Over 99% protein three dimensional structure are obtained through these two methods. The conforming  of protein three dimensional structure obtained through X-rD is locked in a single state (single crystal), which is the static structure; With NMR technic, dynamic structure in solutions even in live cells can be obtained, which is closer with physiological status. NMR technic can also give information about biomolecules' transform, identify and interact, which is beneficial to research in biological processes and mechanisms.

The advantages of MRI is noninvasively detecting the in-vivo biomolecules, tissue and their transformation information. Compared to clinical used CT and PT methods, MRI is non-radioactive, with high resolution and contrast, and can be used to image apaque objects. So, it is widely used in clinical diagnose and has become an important medical imaging technic.

Research in wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics

In wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics CAS (former Wuhan Institute of Physics CAS), the development of NMR subject traces back to TianjuanWang, whois one of the cofounders of spectroscopy subject in China. After coming back in 1960, he began the spectroscopy laboratory in wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics CAS (hereinafter referred to as WIPM), and trained many core research members.

Since 1980s, under the leadership of academician Chaohui Ye, State Key Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance and Atomic and Molecular Physics Wuhan National Center for Magnetic Resonance, CAS Key Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems etc. have been founded in WIPM. Also ,he pushed the cross between NMR and chemical, NMR and biomedicine.

Within the WIPM important achievements in NMR research, some have become the basic data for protein structure calculation, some have become classic methods in NMR experiment. The successfully developed homemade high field NMR spectrometer, with full intellectual property, has been through engineering approaches. NMR imaging system for human lung serious diseases research has obtained progressive achievement. WIPM has published hundreds of impactive papers in Science, PNAS, JACS and PRL.

Development of interdisciplinary research

WIPM always pay attention to the national major needs and scientific frontiers and practice. First of all, pay attention to multi discipline crossing and integration. Academician pointed out that WIPM was transforming from relying on radio physics to the analytical chemistry when WIPM got national innovation group funding in 2009. Radio physics, physical chemistry, biological physics, brain science and other disciplines are the support of interdisciplinary research. Second, WIPM always pay attention to interdisciplinary research. Recently, WIPM has introduced and cultivated lots of researchers of chemical and biological background and got national fundings.

Third, WIPM is emphasizing on interdisciplinary research, interdisciplinary researchers and  projects with important application or goingto make a great breakthrough. Two scientific instrument research projects in the charge of WIPM are very important. This will have a huge impact on the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary function and diseases.

The mid-to-long term plan of WIPM points out that NMR research will play a leading role in international arena. WIPM will emphasizing on the construction of research platforms.

WIPM also sets up NMR basics department and NMR application department. et al, to ensure research to be efficient. Besides, to promote collaboration between the various units based on platforms above.

WIPM has formed its own characteristics and advantages In the discipline layout such as NMR and MRI. At the same time, measures are taken to encourage the magnetic resonance in the intersection of atomic and molecular physics and mathematical physics.

Research combined with production, promote industrialization production

China currently is in the key period of economic transformation. Xi general secretary stressed several times to change the existing economic growth mode, to adjust the industrial structure, to implement the innovation driving development' strategy. Transformation of research achievement is an important way to implement this national strategy.

WIPM always pay attention to transformation of research achievement. One example is that WIPM bought a share in Shenyang Dongruan Spectroscopy and NMR technic limited company' with magnet technic. Currently, taking NMR spectrometer technic as foundation, 'Zhongke MR' was set up,by which the NMR spectrometers made have entered market. Promising technics are transformed into 'Hubei High-tech Innovation and Business Incubation Center' for further development, which is a necessary link with chances and risk.

Research institution plays an important role in high-tech industrialization. Fundamental research is the resourse of high-tech. Fundamental research, high-tech development, research achievement transformation and industrialization have deferent rules and culture character. To ensure the smooth of high-tech transformation is a systematic project, containspolicy,resourse, talent, benefit, marketetc. WIPM is exploiting how to make full use of members' enthusiasm under premise that doing no harm to national benefit, to promote technic achievements efficiently transformation into production, with contributions to national economy development.