Dr. Louis Bouchard visit WIPM

time:   2015-06-25 00:00    hits:5589

On June 25th, 2015, Dr. Louis Bouchard from UCLA, invited by prof. Xin Zhou, gave a report entitled "Novel NMR techniques for solid, liquid and gas phase".

In the report, Dr. Bouchard presented us some significant developments in the field of physical chemistry and biomedical engineering using nuclear magnetic resonance techniques. In 2008, Bouchard proposed a spectroscopic method to study catalytic hydrogenation in microreactors with use of para-hydrogen induced polarization, which can improve NMR signal intensities by several magnitudes. This finding was published in the journal of Science. In 2013, Bouchard presented a non-invasive NMR thermometry technique to map gas temperature during the catalytic heterogeneous reactions, which depends on the relationship between NMR spectroscopy and temperature. This research appeared in the journal of Nature. Besides that, some MRI applications in novel material, denoising algorithm, cancer research was introduced in the report.

Dr. Bouchard has published more than 50 papers in several international top journals such as Nature, Science and PNAS. He has a six-mouth academic communication in Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics as a visiting scientist.