Sixth National low-field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technology and Application Conference held in HangZhou

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      October 9, 2014, the Sixth National low field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technology and Application Conference held in Hangzhou. The meeting was chaired by Professional Committee of NMR instruments analytical instruments branch China Instrument Society, Zhejiang Gongshang University contractors, Niumai Electronic Technology Company Limited. More than 180 experts and scholars from different areas of expertise attended the meeting.

YE Chaohui , academician of CAS, Liu Changkuan, Secretary of Analytical Instruments Branch of China Instrument Society, Deng Shaoping, Professor of Zhejiang Gongshang University

      Ye Chaohui, academician of CAS, leaders in the field of NMR technology, attended the meeting and listened to the whole report.the technology principle of low-field and high field NMR is the same, but differ on the application accept. The low-field nuclear magnetic resonance used in the natural conditions and the production process of analysis and detection because of getting easier. Public little understanding of the technology in the past. But with the drive of requirements of application, people know more about the low-field NMR. "Said academician Ye Chaohui." From the report we can see the low-field NMR resonance technique has been applied in many fields, especially widely used in the oil and gas energy exploration. Foreign equipment companies have restrictions on the export of NMR logging tools to us in the past, but after years of exploration, China has independently developed similar instrument, which performance is quite competitive.

Song Yiqiao, professor of Harvard University, Zhou Xin, professor from Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

      A number of reports on instrument development in this meeting, including professors Song Yiqiao from Harvard University, President of Chinese Overseas MRI Association, which introduces broadband nuclear magnetic resonance and miniaturized nuclear magnetic resonance instrument in the report.

     Zhou Xin, professor from the Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, introduced his team successfully developed the ultra-low-field NMR probing laser spectrometer, using atomic magnetometer alternative to traditional RF coil, through laser technology to detect very weak magnetic field under magnetic resonance signals. Another instrument technology is using laser polarization before the sample testing, making the gas magnetic resonance (MRI) imaging possible. It has completed the development of the lungs in vivo animal MRI instrument, and the human lung MRI instrument will complete in this year.

      Professor Ni Zhonghua from Southeast University combines NMR techniques with microfluidic technology and proposes a new detection method.

      Low-field NMR instruments in portable, removable advantages in many fields emerge. It already has a large number of commercialization of small-scale nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer in domestic and international, such as Bruker Fourier 60, Thermo Fisher's picospin-80, Spinsove of Magritek, MobileMR of Niumai technology, HT-PNMR12-9 of HuanTong Technology so on. These portable nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers for rapid, real-time, accurate field testing provide a good measuring tool.

      The seminar also carried two sub-venues with the theme of "low-field NMR techniques applied in petroleum energy, porous media aspects and new technologies and equipment", "low-field nuclear magnetic resonance technology applied in food agriculture, life sciences, polymer materials." and "the Second NMR workshop&NMR experiment teaching and innovation" forum.

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