Professor Xin Zhou from WIPM named to be outstanding in the final evaluation of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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      Recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the result of the final evaluation of 2010 annual "Hundred Talents Program", Professor Xin Zhou from Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics (WIPM) was named to be outstanding.

      Professor Xin Zhou is a talented person WIPM introduced in recent years and becomes the representative of outstanding youth science and technology talents and a model of young scientific and technical personnel. After returning to China, he quickly set up a research team and builds a platform funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of science and technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and WIPM, made a series of important innovation achievements. Since then, he has been widely recognized by domestic and foreign counterparts.

      During the "Hundred Talents Program", Professor Xin Zhou Mainly does the research of pulmonary magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) instrument. In order to finish it, he formed a research team of multi-disciplinary, presided over the  major national research equipment development project fund committee national development special special,  Ministry of science and technology innovation methods project and many other major and key projects, undertaken the  "135"  planning  "3 major break through"  research task of  WIPM. Now he has lead his team developed the first animal pulmonary MRI instrument using hyperpolarized gas and the first ultralow field laser-detected NMR spectrometer in our country, and built an ultrasensitive magnetic resonance instrument development platform. So far, he has published 13 papers written in SCI,  2 chapter in English monograph,  11 Chinese invention patents application , authorized 4,besides, he has won the "Chinese IUR cooperative innovation achievement award", "Hubei May 4th Medal" and was selected in the high level talent project in new century of Hubei province.

      "Hundred Talents Program" requires the final evaluation finished in a year after the implementation period of selected candidates, the result of the evaluation was generated through the prior evaluation of institute, evaluation of CAS, judgment and publicity of the talents work leading group of CAS.40 person was named to be outstanding this time, which was 20 percent of all the candidates. So far, WIPM have a total of 5 person named outstanding in "Hundred Talents Program"