Ph.D. Zheng Wang visited WIPM

time:   2014-06-04 00:00    hits:5386

Ph. D Zheng Wang, a professor from Shanghai Institute of Neuroscience(SIN), CAS, visited WIPM invited by Ph. D Xin Zhou. He made a report Assessment of primate brain diseases with MRI-based connective: ongoing projects of brain imaging in Institute of Neuroscience.

Ph. D Wang described his major work since he entered the SIN in September 2011 and established the brain imaging laboratory. He uses a human body 3T MRI machines as a platform to carry out non-human primates functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies. Firstly, He introduced the visual and tactile models of monkey. He and his team combine fMRI with multi-channel neural electrophysiology together to explore fundamental issues in neuroscience and cognitive science by using visual methods. Thereafter, he introduced the research of monkey and human brain partitions and comparison. Based on this, he made further researches of the anterior limb of capsule interna, such as the interaction between neural networks and vascular networks in several diseases, such as adolescents ADHD, Alzheimer's disease. At the same time, he studied the basic mode of operation of the brain, for example, how the brain encodes sensory input and behavioral output, the neural basis of perception and characterization of the primary cortex.

The report was quite vivid and novel and students and teachers asked many questions. After the report, Ph. D Wang visited the Wuhan Magnetic Resonance Center and grasped the study human lung MRI of ultrasensitive magnetic resonance research group. There, he made further exchange with researchers of WIPM in common problems encountered in the human lung MRI researches.