Professor Dengxing Kong of Zhejiang University visited WIPM

time:   2013-12-12 00:00    hits:6631

     In December 6th, invited by Mathematical physics and applied research department , Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics (WIPM),  "qiushi distinguished professor" Dexing Kong from Department of Mathematics, Zhejiang University come to  WIPM for a Academic visit and make a Interdisciplinary academic report entitled "The Three-dimensional reconstruction of medical images"

     During the report, Professor Kong briefly introduced the Mathematical Medicine crossover study platform firstly, and then he introduced the characters and kinds of medical images and the requirements of medical image processing. Besides, he reported that he lead his lab have studied in the area of digitizing liver and guiding surgery, the achievement was then showed through pictures, three-dimensional visualization demonstration and software demonstration vividly. Later, he introduced their cooperation with the Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, making new improvements in using radiofrequency to cure cancer of the liver and early warning of Alzheimer's disease, In addition, he tell us his methods and technology of research his experiences in mathematics. In Professor Kong's opinion, it's the time to make a deeply intersect between mathematics and medicine. He put forward some concepts of mathematics and medicine which focus on a number of math problem in medical imaging. At last, Professor Kong talked about his experiences in Crossover study by sharing his personal experience.

     Professor Kong is the director of the image processing research and development center, philosophy department of Zhejiang University and Convener of mathematics-medicine Collaborative research across disciplines platform of Zhejiang University. The wonderful report attracted a lot of teachers and students from mathematic physics department and applied research department related groups. Professor Hao Lei and Xin Zhou were invited to the report and launched a heated discussion on potential cooperation. The report stimulate a keen interest in all students, some from which discussed with Professor Kong, the report has achieved a good result.

     This academic activity strengthened the community between the related group, promoted the everyone' understanding of the fusion between mathematics and medical imaging, created a nice atmosphere for WIPM conduct a intersection between mathematics and medical imaging. We Look through everyone making efforts to make contributes for early warning and diagnosis of disease based on the study of medical imaging.