WIPM success apply a major instrument development special fund project

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    According to the National Natural Science Foundation of China News, the project" the development of the MRI system using for study the Major diseases in human lung " that apply by Xin Zhou from WIPM After 8 rounds of rigorous evaluation and the respondent selection. Successful approved, obtain the fund form the major instrument development special fund project. This is one of eleven 2012 annual special development of national major instrument fund committee that subsidized by national natural science foundation of china, and also the only one project that our province leaded by Huber province and CSA Wuhan Branch.

    The Major diseases in human lung such as COPD\ Emphysema\asthma are the third-largest disease causing death. Lung cancer is the first mortality of malignant tumor in China. The occurrence and development of lung disease, is usually the function injury first, and then evolved into the structural changes. The present Medical imaging technology, such as chest X-ray, CT, proton MRI, that can obtain the Lung structure information, cannot get the function information, it Hinder the further research on major diseases of lung.

    The project "the development of the MRI system using for study the Major diseases in human lung", aims at the Frontiers of biomedical research .combine with laser polarized technology\ Advanced magnetic resonance techniques\high performance image Processing technology and so on , Cross the establishment and development of "super sensitive magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy". The completion of the project and the development of instrument is successful, can promote the pulmonary imaging study to function from structure, which can not only on imaging lung structure , can also  imaging the main function of pulmonary gas-gas exchange and gas-gas in blood exchange  with high sensitivity.

    The major instrument development special fund project is aims at  Promoting  independently developed work  on major scientific instruments ,this project is facing the frontiers of science and national needs ,towards the  scientific goal, aims to encourage and support the original major scientific research instruments and equipment development work. The approval of the project will help WIPM to the Chinese Academy of Sciences strategic plan "Innovation 2020" and the "13th five-year" plan.