Professor Xin Zhou attend the first seminar of Representatives for the entire province returned students studying abroad

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On November 19 to 24, 2012,the first seminar of  Representatives for the entire province returned students studying abroad was jointly hosted by the united front work department of Hubei provincial party committee, provincial Western Returned Scholars Association, provincial institute of socialism. The seminar invites experts and scholars of the colleges and universities in Hubei province, the principals of published corporation, totally about 40 people. As an excellent party member of the made organ and the only representative of The Chinese academy of sciences, Wuhan branch, Professor Xin Zhou attend the seminar.

The director-general of the Centre for China and Globalization( CCG), Wang Huiyao, who is also the vice director of Western Returned Scholars Association (WRSA), Zaoxian Cai ,who is the deputy minister of provincial party committee united front work department, and Hanliang Gui, who is vice President of the institute of socialism of Hubei province attended the seminar. This seminar included lectures, seminars, study tours, self-study, etc. In the  spirit of  the eighteenth national congress of the communist party of China, this seminar discuss the Key, difficult and hot issue of  the economic and social development of Hubei province in China, and theory and practice of united front work. The seminar invites the leaders of WRSA, Made department, experts and scholars to give some special tutoring. During the seminar, there will be a study tour to China optical valley in Wuhan and Yingshan activities "Concentric. Returnees promote development".

Professor Xin Zhou work at Harvard University, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and University of California Berkeley as a postdoctor and research Fellow from 2005 to 2009. Now he is vice director of department of the Magnetic resonance (NMR) application research, Party branch secretary of the Magnetic resonance (NMR) discipline.

Seminar study and visit practice not only let attendees to further understand the national conditions, expand the field of vision, established the faith, enhance their overall situation consciousness, raise the level of the ideological and political theory, Also inspire them on the way of the future constantly blaze new trails, For the national and local economic and social development to make greater contribution. Our institute will actively strive for the opportunity to send more talents to participate in the seminar.