Vice Pres. Zhan of CAS inspected ZhouLab, WIPM

time:   2012-04-10 00:00    hits:5014

     Zhan Wenlong, Vice President of CAS, inspected WIPM and conducted thematic researches about the development of spectrum discipline at April, 10th, 2012, along with Huang Min, deputy director general of Bureau of Foundation, CAS, Kong Minghui, deputy director of Bureau of Foundation, Zhu Yaozhong, President of CAS Wuhan Branch.

     They firstly visited the State Key Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance and Atomic and Molecular Physics and Wuhan Magnetic Resonance Center. Then they inspected the Human Lung MRI instrument developing project, supported by "One-Three-Five" Strategic Planning, in the human lung MRI laboratory and heard a report about ongoing lung MRI and laser detected NMR given by Ph.D. Zhou Xin. Afterward, they affirmed the interim progress of instruments, techniques and methods in ultrasensitive magnetic resonance and hoped that we keep a good development trend and lead the international advanced level.

     Finally, Vice Pres. Zhan emphasized that we should combine the self-development and national development strategies together and seizes the opportunities to expand the future development and muster superior forces to the three major R&D breakthroughs of CAS.