Vice President Yaping Zhang Had an Inspection of Our Group

time:   2012-03-07 00:00    hits:5076

    In the afternoon of March 7th of 2012, accompanied by Wuhan Branch of the CAS's Deputy Secretary Pingping Chen and the vice president of life science and biotechnology department Ronghui Su, the Vice President of CAS -- Yaping Zhang have arrived at our department to paid an inspection visit.

    Vice President Zhang inspected the State key laboratory of Magnetic Resonance, Atom and Molecular Physics and the Wuhan Magnetic Center for Resonance. Meanwhile, Prof. Xin Zhou had given the brief introduction of our group's research to him, which contains the "magnetic resonance imaging research of pulmonary disease" and "ultra-sensitive molecular probes and molecular imaging" project. Vice President Zhang had affirmed the achievements of our group's research about the development of ultra-sensitive magnetic resonance equipment and technology. He emphasized that the researches were of important significance for our science development and national needs.

    Moreover, Mr. Zhang pointed out this scientific research should be integrated closely with the national and social needs. More communications should be done with the clinical medical. Thus, the novel technology and equipment of magnetic resonance imaging of lungs could become more targeted and benefit the people earlier.