The Visiting of Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics by Professor Gerhard Wagner from Harvard Medical School

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    Professor Gerhard Wagner, comes from Harvard medical school, visited spectrum laboratory of Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics at the 25th of October. An academic report about studying the biomacromolecules related to the synthetic process of protein and peptide by liquid NMR was given.

    Firstly, Professor Gerhard Wagner gave an exact explanation about the liquid structure and interaction mode of EntF T-TE di-domain, EntF C-domain and EntB, which were related to the process of protein synthesis. Also the 3D double-TROSY hNCAnH and getting proper SNR by optimizing the stimulation time were introduced. Secondly, the problems of NUS and FFT in NMR experiments were discussed. Lastly, when talking about the development of protein research by liquid NMR, Professor Gerhard Wagner considered that the key point should be the structure analysis of protein with big molecular weight and the interaction of protein to protein. So, he discussed the application of direct detection of 13C and 15N in studying the proteins with big molecular weight. At the end of the report, Professor Gerhard Wagner talked about the studies of amino acid translation by liquid NMR, SAXS and related biological methods, which was the origination of protein composition in cell of human. The application of Nanodiscs in the studying of membrane protein was also introduced at the same time.

    The report, gave by Professor Gerhard Wagner, has big amount of information and rich content. All the researchers and students, who attended the meeting, got great benefit from it. Professor Gerhard Wagner had a visit of spectrum laboratory after the speech.

    Professor Gerhard Wagner got PhD in ETH Zurich in Switzerland in 1977. Professor K. Wuthrich, who got the Nobel Prize, was his tutor. He has been worked in Harvard medical school since 1990.

    Professor Gerhard Wagner was once the chief editor for FEBS Letters, the editorial board member of Protein Science, Journal of Magnetic Resonance, Journal of Biomolecular NMR and Biochemistry, and associate editor of Protein Science and Cell.