Calder Sheagrenr from the University of Toronto Sunnybrook Research Institute Visited APM

time:   2024-05-14 15:45    hits:236

    On May 14, 2024, Calder Sheagrenr from the Department of Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto's Sunnybrook Research Institute was invited by Ultrasensitive Magnetic Resonance Group to give an academic report entitled "Multicontrast Cardiac MRI: Historical Perspectives and Modern Applications". The report was hosted by Professor Fumin Guo.

    Calder Sheagrenr focuses his research on evaluating emerging cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) methods in the presence of cardiac implantable electronic devices and optimizing accelerated cardiac parametric mapping using deep learning to enhance subspace models.

    In the report, Calder Sheagrenr introduced the historical development and modern applications of multicontrast cardiac MRI by covering three main areas: an introduction to contrast-enhanced cardiac magnetic resonance imaging, a historical overview of multicontrast late enhancement imaging, and contemporary considerations for clinical implementation. He also discussed recent cardiac MR imaging experiments, such as the use of SSFP readouts to improve signal-to-noise ratio while allowing simultaneous nulling of blood and myocardium, and how multicontrast imaging permits robust quantitative T1 mapping analyses correlated with clinical outcomes and histology.

    Calder Sheagrenr's insightful and accessible presentation left a deep impression on the audience. After the report, Calder Sheagrenr engaged in in-depth discussions with teachers and students, further enhancing their understanding of multicontrast cardiac MRI and its applications.